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CITRUM was founded in 2014 as a website development studio. It was a period of rapid transition of business to online, and soon we expanded our services from website development to online promotion. To achieve better results, we changed the approach to interaction of all areas of online marketing, as well as their relationship with the marketing strategy of the company. Today we can offer our clients a full range of services to develop their online business – from creating a digital strategy to launching and evaluating the effectiveness of the promotion campaign.
Right now
We are inspired and motivated by the growing results of our customers. We do not sell individual services, but rather select a set of tools which allows our clients to reach their goals in the most effective way. For this purpose it is essential to fully interact with the client! We thoroughly study the client's business, its history, values and competitive advantages. Then together with the client we define the goals and tasks of its online direction, and on this basis we choose tools to work online. This methods of cooperation allows the most effective use of our resources and resources of our clients, and also to make an online direction an organic continuation of offline business and provide a synergetic effect. This approach allows us to effectively cooperate with our clients in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and China.
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How we are
How we are working
We require you to fill out a basic brief that provides a basic introduction to your business, key competitors, current goals and objectives online. You can create a basic brief on the website, fill it out over the phone or send it in a free format to our email.
We review the information provided, review the open sources and sort the necessary data. Then we prepare clarifying questions about the details of your business.
Detailed brief
We make a detailed brief, with clarified goals and objectives of the future project. Our team is actively involved in drafting the brief, specifying all the important details of your business.
We make a project schedule with the intermediate results which are controlled by the client. This approach allows us to achieve the highest level of performance, client involvement in the process, full understanding of the progress of work, and compliance with deadlines.
Getting started
We approve the goals, objectives and schedule of the project. Then we proceed to its implementation.
Work execution
In the course of realization we inform our client about the progress of work within the project. At the control points we hold meetings with the client's representatives to clarify further stages.
Project launch
Each stage of the project work is linked to a certain result. All works on each stage of the project are tested before launch.
Next stage
For each stage of work we will measure the result and plan the next stage of cooperation. In this way we avoid linear planning and make quick decisions depending on the metrics.
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