01 Developing an action plan
Goal setting
We are studying the history and values of the company, its product, target audiences and competitive advantages, sales channels, structure and dynamics of the sales. The result of this work will be clearly defined project goals and tasks.
Digital audit
We determine the current position of the company on the Internet, collect data on sales channels and promotion tools. We study each channel in detail, assess the site for technical serviceability and promotion, evaluate the conduct of social networks. As a result of the audit, we form an assessment of sales channels, their effectiveness and correct use of tools. The audit helps to identify new opportunities and create an action plan.
Google analysis
We form a semantic kernel of key queries with indicators of coverage and rates on them. Identify competitors in Google ads and organic offerings and assess their promotion methods. Based on the results of Google analysis, the client gets a semantic kernel with the traffic forecast, conversion and costs, considering the actions of competitors.
SMM analysis
We determine the possible coverage of users in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), considering the characteristics of the client's target audiences and their locations. We create a predicted result with potential coverage, conversion and costs. For more accurate forecasting, we identify the company's competitors in social networks and evaluate their actions in conducting and advertising.
Analysis of competitors
We identify the company's main competitors on the Internet, from previously evaluated competitors in Google and social networks, conduct a more detailed analysis of these competitors, study their strategy of running a business online. Based on the results of the research, the client receives a list of strong competitors on the network with segmented traffic and ways to achieve it. Based on this, we identify their strengths and weaknesses in each promotion channel, which allows us to determine the most effective strategy for the client.
Digital strategy
This is a list of sequential actions formed on the basis of online activity audit and analysis of available sales channels and tools. Only after completing all the audit and analysis work the client gets a ready to launch digital strategy, which includes development plan, design plan, plan for sales channels and their tools.
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02 Create a visual image
Brand style and logo
The corporate identity of the company provides visual and conceptual unity of goods, services and all information coming from the company. The brandbook will include the logo, corporate colors and fonts, rules of their use in different situations, and the main media layouts. If your company is just starting out, we will design a new logo or upgrade an existing one.
UX/UI Website and APP
Our approach allows us to study the company's client and determine which design and functionality of the site or APP is needed by the company's clients. The designs we develop are individual and aimed at achieving specific company goals and the needs of its clients.
Presentations and POS materials
We create all the necessary materials for the company - from impressive presentations and web animation to POS materials. All materials are made in the same style, which forms the complete identity of the company and increases its recognition in the market.
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03 Strategy implementation tools

We turn an impressive and functional design into a powerful sales tool with a modern and convenient platform filled with all the necessary functionality and content. Websites we develop are a full-fledged tool integrated into your business, which reflects the advantages of the company, is convenient for clients, optimizes the work of staff with the client, and allows you to develop and expand functionality as the company develops its business.


Mobile applications are a convenient and fast way for a customer to interact with your business. We develop applications that are simple and easy for the customer to use, and at the same time they are functional for your company. Our comprehensive approach considers application development, content and publication. After development, we take over all the tasks of updating and maintaining the application.


We integrate all the necessary data – from the integration of accounting and warehouse accounting with the site and application to the interaction of platforms among themselves. We exchange data and processes between platforms under the control of one person or automate them at all. Studying the needs of the client, even at the first stage, we recommend the necessary integration and additional functionality, and also implement it.

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04 Launch a promotional campaign

We create a step-by-step promotion plan, launch promotion test blocks to get real data on each sales channel. On the basis of the received data we select the most effective and profitable activities, create a promotion plan. The promotion plan includes a calendar of activities with distribution through the channels, planned performance indicators and the promo campaign budget.


According to the promotion plan, we launch all necessary sales channels and set up their instruments. Depending on the goals, these may be traditional channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin) or more narrowly focused channels (Pinterest, thematic forums, blogs and partner sites). Once launched, we closely monitor performance indicators and make the necessary adjustments to the promotion plan.

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