Site development

We develop a target page with an explosive design, maximizing the benefits of the product or service. The site effectively generates visitors to customers.
Online store
We develop an online store with a design that is ahead of time. We conduct UX research to create a design with which visitors will interact harmoniously.
Corporate website
We develop a website that will announce your company as a reliable and modern partner. This tool will establish communication with potential clients and inform about the company's activities.
For complex business tasks we develop multifunctional portals, interfaces of which are made with UX research. We select the technology stack and run it in the recommended environment.
Web catalog
We develop a website-catalogue in a spectacular design that reveals all the advantages of your product. This solution will establish communication with the client of your company.
Taobao, Tmall, JD, 1688
We develop sites for major Chinese marketplaces. For Taobao, Tmall, JD and 1688 platforms, we create a design that increases sales and improves customer interaction with the product.
how do we develop websites?

We create technical specifications

Create a statement of work in which we collect and structure all your ideas and requirements to the project. In the terms of reference, we make proposals for the implementation of your project.

The technical task includes sections:
About the project
We will get acquainted with your project, paying special attention to the target audience and competitors of your company.
Website functionality
We describe in detail all the main and additional functions of the site with recommendations to implement your ideas.
Website structure
We create the structure of the site by sections and subsections, combining into a common scheme.
Website design
We describe in detail the requirements for site design and develop sketches of the main functional pages.
Site Filling
We create a content structure for the site and describe the requirements for content creation and filling of the site.
Technical Requirements
We define the technology stack for development and calculate the future load on the site, determining the right environment for it.
Stages of work
We describe in detail the stages of work on project implementation and the stages of interaction with your company.
Calculation of cost and terms
We draw up a schedule of works for each stage and calculate the cost of works on the project.
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We develop website design

Design is one of our strong points. The design of the website that we develop is visually pleasing to the client, solves his tasks and harmoniously interacts with him. To achieve this result, we conduct UX research and follow design trends around the world.

To give the client of your company exactly the product with which he would interact as harmoniously as possible, we need to know this client and understand his needs. To do this research, we work with your company's marketing department to understand your target audience, customer portrait and company values.

After detailed research, we develop a design prototype, which we approve and then create a complete website design. The finished design includes all the main functional pages of the full-size visualization and adaptive for mobile devices.


We typeset and program

We take the finished design into development, start the layout and programming of functions. Depending on the tasks of the project we develop the site on popular cms, such as WordPress, 1-C Bitrix, Magento, Simpla, Opencart, Tilda and others.

For more advanced tasks we select the most efficient stack for your project from the popular React, Angular, Vue, Yii2, Zend Framework, Symfony, Laravel and MySQL or MongoDB databases.

Programming a website is not always a consistent task. In some cases, it is a parallel process. In case of development of a portal or a multifunctional corporate website at the design stage, we are already developing the necessary functionality, which was previously prescribed in the TOR.

The result of programming will be a ready-to-use website – a site with a control panel that visually corresponds to the developed design.


We fill up the site

Together with the client, we prepare content for the site starting from the structure. The structure of the content is specified in the terms of reference or created based on sketches. We receive the primary content from the client in various formats: sketches of theses with further development by our copywriters of a full content for a site, drafts of a content with further processing of the rewriter or the text ready to filling which we only format and load on a site.

Regardless of the format of cooperation, we fully interact with the client at this stage.

We define the structure of content and requirements as early as the first stage in the development of the TOR, because it affects the location in the design and design elements. If necessary, the content is developed in parallel with other tasks of site development. After programming the site, we fill it.


We test and run the site

Testing is the last and very important stage of website development before the launch. We perform a full test of all functions and visualization. We test the site in all popular browsers such as Safari, Chrome, FireFox (Mozzila), Edge, Opera, and on iOS, Android mobile devices.

In some cases, we do live testing on a focus group of potential clients to adapt the functionality. Testing includes the creation of recommendations based on the survey of the focus group and the analysis of the behavior of visitors to the site. On the basis of this consolidated analysis, we make additional adjustments to the work of the site and visualization. In the future, this process will move to the classic "UX research".

If necessary, we register the domain name, order hosting and configure it. We also order and configure virtual and dedicated servers.

Our projects
how to start?
of cooperation
Stages of cooperation
We develop the technical task
At the first stage of cooperation we fill in the brief together with you, after which we develop the terms of reference or detailed sketches of the site.
We sign a contract for the development
Approve the terms of reference or detailed sketches, and then calculate the cost and timing of work. We sign a contract for site development.
We develop a prototype design
We develop a prototype of site design and approve it with you. If necessary, we make adjustments to the prototype site and create the final design.
We typeset and program
We typeset website design and program all the necessary functions. At this stage you get a working prototype of the site.
We fill the site with content
We upload to the site all necessary materials and fill the pages with the content prepared by you earlier or developed by us.
Test and run the site
Test and approve the site, and then run on the main domain. This is the final stage of work, after which you get a fully prepared site.
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